Injector Testing at Fitch Autos Brownhills

Fitch Autos Injector Testing

We carry out testing on a wide range of Fuel injectors. We stock replacements for most type of Fuel Injectors for every type of car in variety of different brands.

Fitch Autos can help ensure your fuel injectors are functioning properly!

Fuel injector testing includes the following:

  • Leak inspection: All injectors are inspected for leaks on the injector body and at the output nozzle. An injector that is leaking from the nozzle usually requires a simple cleaning to operate properly.
  • Ohm testing: A simple test to verify the condition of the injector coil, we test the resistance (measured in Ohms) across the terminals of the injector connector.
  • Spray pattern verification: During the flow test, our techs evaluate the spray pattern of your injectors. If there are deposits on the nozzle the spray pattern can be adversely affected – this can be corrected by cleaning the injectors.
  • Pulse Operation: Our experienced staff will test your injectors at pulse widths ranging from idle to full-throttle operation. Any abnormalities will be noted and discussed with you before we carry out any work.
  • Flow rate verification:  If your injectors do not flow the correct amount, a cleaning will typically correct the imbalance.
  • Flow data sheet: We will provide a flow data sheet that data from the test carried out.
  • Seal replacement: We replace all standard injector seals

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