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Here at Fitch Autos in Brownhills we can diagnose and repair problems on your car in the Chastown, Burntwood or Brownhills area using our specialist diagnostic equipment.

Any vehicle built since 1998 has an OBD port located in the vehicle, meaning that any faults with your car are stored in the ECU and can be read using a scanner to help determine the issue.

We have multiple systems available and can perform diagnostics on any types of vehicle. We have recently taken delivery of specialist Renault, Citroen and Peugeot sofware that allows us to perform ECU updates on vehicles, reprogram keys and get into the increasingly difficult to access French models of car.

We use Bosch equipment in order to diagnose faults on all makes and models accurately in order to correctly determine any parts that need to be replaced on your vehicle or the issues that your vehicle has.

We can use live data from the system to determine that individual components of the vehicle are functioning as they should do and so reduce the amount of ‘trial and error’ replacement of components that can be common.

We have now taken delivery of our brand new Autologic diagnostic tool, which provides us with dealer level (in some cases more advanced than dealer level) diagnostics on Renault, Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.

This now means we can undertake many dealer specific functions on your vehicle that before would mean a trip to the dealer and paying the labour rates that they charge. We are confident that these services we provide are significantly cheaper than the dealer rates, as we do not have their massive overheads, so can pass the cost savings onto you, the customer.

Autologic is a state of the art diagnostic tool that can provide dealer diagnostics as well as the following dealer level services that normally only main dealers can undertake:

  • ECU Reflashing (necessary when an unprogrammed ECU is fitted to the car)
  • ECU Coding (Programming ECU with extra parameters that the car has)
  • Dealer level diagnostics with multiplex testing
  • BSI and UCH Coding (Programming new body control modules to vehicles – common issues with PSA/Renault vehicles)
  • Software updates, which in most cases resolve long standing issues with known problems on vehicles due to outdated software)
  • This system resets service lights correctly after you have had your car serviced at our Brownhills garage.


    We now offer all of our Key Cutting and Coding solutions as mobile services.

    For a full list of our mobile services please click here

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